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Kimel Foundation

Providing a stepping stone to independence for the neurodiverse community

Our Mission

Nurture and incubate the unexplored talent of autistic and neurodivergent people

What We Do

We show the world that neurodivergent people have talent


Because everyone deserves an opportunity to shine

Explore work & education options for the neurodiverse community

We identify, nurture and incubate the unexplored talent of autistic and neurodivergent people.


We do this by implementing our CPD accredited programmes with neurodivergent people, workplaces and schools.


Only 16% of autistic people are in paid employment. Here at Kimel Foundation, we dream of a world where this is higher.

Employer Solutions

Specialist CPD training & support for employers

The Foundation for Individuals

Training & support for autistic & neurodivergent youngsters

Success Stories

Supporting neurodivergent people to shine in the workplace

Neurodiverse solutions, designed by the neurodiverse, delivered by the neurodiverse, for the neurodiverse

Kimel Foundation is a trusted resource for all neurodivergent and autistic people seeking employment whilst engaging employers. Using our own and third party academic and commercial research, we have developed innovative and cutting edge solutions to encourage companies to avail of the economic benefit of neurodiversity whilst giving the neurodivergent community a chance to shine in the workplace.

Rainbow Cubes

Contact us today and take the first step towards achieving your goals

By treating everyone as an individual with their own needs, wants and ambitions we identify realistic and achievable goals. Whether you're an individual looking for employment training and support, or an employer who's committed to tapping into the vast pool of talent within the neurodiverse community, we can work with you to set clear goals and achieve them at your pace. Contact us today to find out how we can support you.

"Kimel Solutions has the potential to make real and lasting change through their innovative employment and recruitment based training. The team know the need within their communities and are striving to get more neurodivergent people into the marketplace - bravo!"


- Jude Morrow, Founder of Neurodiversity Training International

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