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CPD Training & Support Solutions for Employers

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An autistic person correctly placed and supported within an organisation can be up to 140% more productive than their neurotypical peers

As an employer, do you want to know how you can explore talent within the autistic & neurodiverse community?


Our signature training and recruitment strategies will allow you to tap into this unrepresented talent pool.

We show the world that neurodivergent people have talent! We do this through our 12-week Personal Development and Employability Skill Training programme. We get more neurodivergent people into the economy, whilst building lasting relationships with employers. ​

We champion neurodivergent people to have the best opportunities to excel in life and business. We incubate that talent, in partnership with progressive businesses, to create truly nurturing and accepting workplaces.


Do you want to be an innovative business that nurtures neurodivergent talent? Get in touch with us via the contact form below.

Some of our data is sourced from J.P. Morgan Autism at Work.

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Providing a stepping stone to independence for the neurodiverse community

How (Stage 1)

“If you know one person with autism, you only know one person with autism”.

By treating everyone as an individual with their own needs, wants and ambitions, we identify realistic and achievable goals.

We conduct a simple factfinding exercise  – a form you fill out or we can fill this out with you.  This can be done remotely by a video call, telephone or face to face.

Who (Stage 2)

We offer support, guidance and signposting.


Everyone is an individual so guidance and support will depend on:

  1. Capability

  2. Capacity

  3. Motivation


With the data from our initial factfinding exercise, this will assist us to find the best way to support you. At every stage, we will discuss our plans and together we will determine a way forward.

What (Stage 3)

We know that not everyone is able to manage a 35-hour working week. Everyone is an individual, so together we will look at:

  1. Self development & employability

  2. Employment opportunities

  3. Further educational needs

  4. Volunteering opportunities

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Are you an individual looking for self development & an employability pathway?

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Tailor-made for your workplace or school

To discuss a tailor-made session for your school, workplace, professional group or community group send us a message by filling in the form below and one of the team will get back to you soon. 

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